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At Blueberry Haven Kelowna our blueberries are sweet, juicy, firm and bursting with nutrients and flavor!

EARLY (Duke), MID (Bluecrop & Draper) VARIETIES

We’re open here at Blueberry Haven Kelowna from Mid-July to September every day from 8 am to 9 pm; It’s best you call us prior to making your visit, so we can ensure Berries are ready. Bring your Family and Friends.
In this fast paced, eat on the run, junk food society we live in, a handful of blueberries eaten while you are running between meetings or other appointments might just help save your life. You can carry a cup of them around with you and just pop them in your mouth like jelly beans on your dash from point A to point B. They don’t have to be sliced, diced or cooked. You can eat them raw, in fact, raw is better for you… and what is more, they won’t melt in your hand either and they aren’t even messy unless you squeeze them. What is more, you can eat them skin, seed and all, no pits, now skin to discard of, no sticky or greasy mess on your fingers.
These are just a few of their wonderful benefits aside from their nutrition factor.
It is projected that by 2050, more than 30% of North Americans will be over 65 and will have the decreased cognitive and motor function that accompanies advanced age.


1. ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE – They help reduce cell damage that may lead to some forms of cancer. Blueberries actually have the highest antioxidant capacity because of their large anthocyanin concentration (Magic in the dye of the blue color). This is the warrior that destroys free radicals and reduces risk of Heart Disease, Heart Strokes as well as Cancer.
2. BETTER VISION AND EYE CARE – Preserve your vision and slow down vision loss. Eg. Improve nighttime visual acuity and promotes quicker adjustments to darkness and glare.
3. BETTER BRAIN – They help to slow the aging process. One cup of blueberries regularly definitely reduces the stress on the brain and diseases like Alzheimer or dementia. Learning capacity can also be improved by consuming blueberries daily.
4. PREVENT CONSTIPATION AND INDIGESTION – The fiber present in the blueberries benefits a lot as it helps to prevent constipation and the vitamins, acids and fructose present in them helps to prevent indigestion problems.
5. PREVENT URINARY TRACT INFECTION – The antibiotic properties of blueberries help to prevent the urinary tract infections by inhibiting the growth of the bacteria that causes the infections.
6. SUPPRESSES BLOOD CLOTS – Cleans our blood vessels, our arteries and veins. Due to the anti-blood clotting properties of blueberries, intake of blueberries prevents the formation of blood clots in the various parts of the body.
7. ARTHRITIS – They are proving to be beneficial to folks suffering with arthritis and fibroses myalgia.
8. NERVOUS SYSTEM- They benefit the nervous system and may help to prevent mood swings.
9. PROTECT AGAINST CANCERS – The phytonutrients present in blueberries helps to prevent the risk of colon cancer and ovarian cancer.


1. PREVENT PREMATURE AGING – The antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties of the blueberries help us from the danger of premature aging.
2. PROTECT SKIN – The blueberries paste when applied as facial mask helps to repair and protect the skin from damage that occurs due to stress and exposure to sun. It makes the skin smooth, buttery soft and wonderful.
3. WRINKLES PREVENTION – The antioxidants present in blueberries helps to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles by which you look younger.
4. TREAT ACNE – The formation of acne can be prevented by the intake of blueberry juice regularly. Already formed acne can be treated and can be cured using the blueberries by which the skin becomes free from acne and smooth.
5. WEIGHT CONTROL – Helps you stick to you diet as you avoid junk foods.


-Fresh berries are fragile and should be washed briefly and carefully and then gently patted dry. Wash berries just prior to use to not prematurely remove the protective bloom that resides on the skin’s surface.
-When using frozen berries in recipes that do not require cooking, thaw well and drain prior to using. For cooked recipes, use unthawed berries since this will ensure maximum flavor. Extend the cooking time a few minutes to accommodate for the frozen berries. You may notice that berries used in baked products may take on a green color. This is a natural reaction of their anthocyanidin pigments and does not make the food item unsafe to eat.


-Add frozen blueberries to your breakfast shake or smoothie.
-Fresh or dried blueberries add a colorful punch to cold breakfast cereals.
-For a deliciously elegant dessert, layer yogurt or ice cream and blueberries in wine glasses and top with crystallized ginger.
-Blueberry pie, cobbler and muffins are classic favorites that can be enjoyed throughout the year.
– They can be added to fruit salads.
-When placed in a cantaloupe half, they can be topped with yogurt.
– They make a terrific topping for toast or stuffing for a pita bread

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